Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let’s Talk About Food

I am thankful that I live in LALA land more often than not. Yes there is the traffic and the fact that our houses are stacked on top of each other which I hate but you have to take in the good with the bad and in general the good far outweighs those pesky negatives.

Take the food for instance. LALA land is a melting pot for all cultures and ethnicities which translates to fantastically authentic restaurants and everything you can dream of at our grocery stores. I also like how Los Angeles makes it easy to find locally grown organic foods. Our farmers markets make me leap with joy. I may have to go to a second store sometimes to find something harder to locate, like the no sugar added shredded coconut that I wanted, but the best thing is that I can ALMOST ALWAYS find those hard to get items eventually. If I can’t find it, Mr. Rogue and I have been turning to the internet. Meet our current obsession... nut butters of all kinds with no added sugar or preservatives. YUM!!!!


There is no doubt that trends happen with food as with all other fashions and I am loving that the latest food trends are leaning toward healthier eating. Although the majority of the US consumes way too much processed food, our house was one of them for sure, I am happy to say that we are working on making the changes we have made in our home more permanent. It takes time, it takes effort but eventually it is becoming habit and that is where our success will be; over the long haul.

I think the next area I would love to branch into would be to grow some of my own food. I do have a tiny herb garden that I started in late April 2011 that is going well. We also have several fruit trees on our property that we adore; lemons, Valencia oranges, tangerines, avocado, kumquat, loquat, black cherry, white fig and persimmon. I think that it is a good start however I would also love to be able to grow on that connection to the land; I want to grow vegetables and berries. Not only could it supplement the food on our table it will also help reduce our carbon footprint on the earth and ultimately be less wasteful of our planets resources.

I do have a black thumb, so I may need to work at this pretty hard, but it is a goal that will eventually one day be made into reality.


paul peggy zeus said...

Eating healthy = Living Longer. Good Plan!

lilmansworld said...

there is just something wrong with the sound of 'nut butter'....however I do know it tastes fabulous!

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