Friday, June 3, 2011

It’s Rogue’s 70th Birthday

I am an animal lover. Love my cat and I just adore my wonderful Rottie Rogue. But, for my, my pets are my children kind of person. Sure I give them tons of love, give them the best food, good medical care and I consider them wonderful companions… sometimes the best companions.


This photo was taken when Rogue was less than two months old. That was over nine years, three states lived in, seven houses, and one marriage ago. He is the friend that has stood by me through all the chaos of the past 10 years and I cannot imagine my world without him.


Now I am not normally a fru fru California dog owner. You know the type, the ones that dress their dogs up, paint their nails, wheel their pets around in little buggies around the mall and get their hair done. We don’t celebrate Rogue’s birthday normally except for extra attention and treats but this is LALA land. Today Rogue is 10 years old and according to the old wives tale every dog year is 7 years so we will just roll with that and say that today is Rogue’s 70th birthday.


Perhaps it’s because he is getting older and I realize I will lose him sooner than I would like.


Perhaps it is because I am getting sappy in my old age. Perhaps it is the fact that I need to celebrate life right now.


Regardless of why I made Rogue a little special treat, plopped a birthday hat on him and let him go to town.


OHHH how he loved it!


He even cleaned the floor after. Such a smart boy!


lilmansworld said...

that's awesome! treat tower!

Jess said...

Love the hat! And of course the pup! He's still just a big baby to me :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Wow what a cutie he was as a puppy, but what a handsome and well behaved big guy he is. I love this dog. He's the best big dog in the world!

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