Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crack, Snapple… Acne

I really like Diet Peach Snapple Tea. It’s tasty for sure but I think I may even love the caps a little more than the actual tea. I just adore the ‘do you know’ little random fun facts found on those little lids. I know in general they are random but they are fun and they make me smile.

I get little facts in life as well, things that I never even heard about before. Generally it makes me smile, I get to gather these little facts like a squirrel burying them away for some later random use. Today I found out something new that wasn’t so fun… although it was a random fact for sure.

My cat has had this weird skin thing on his chin for about a week. He was itching and playing with it constantly and it didn’t look like it was getting better so I made an appointment at the vet. Now Seurat HATES going to the vet, he hates being touched by strangers, he hates his cage and more than anything he likes to remind people he does not like that he has all his claws AND sharp teeth. He isn’t the nicest patient for sure.


So I took him to the vet for his chin grossness; the vet took one look and stated that my 16 year old cat has Feline Acne. No I didn’t know that cats could get acne and it is generally rare for cats to get them when they are older like my cat is. Awesome I have a pimple chinned cat!

He was given a shot of antibiotics to help with some of the acne that got infected and I was given stridex looking wipes to keep the area clean. Not only do I have a skin care regiment… now so does my cat. Seurat is SOOOO LA!


As I was paying on the way out of the vets office I picked up a little cat nip toy for Seurat. He only after all bit two people this time, much better than our last visit.


I guess even woman’s best friend can’t even escape from the big bad zit.


lilmansworld said...

haha stridex....haven't thought of those in years!

Jess said...

Poor catbaby! Lots of love and cuddles to him :)

paul peggy zeus said...

Seurat, you get just about everything known to the feline world. A cat with Zits, what next?

ivy said...

I wish I had known! I could have told you that and saved you a trip. Use stainless steel food and water bowls and clean them daily. Clearly you need to call me more often! Good boy, Seurat!

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