Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Black Cloud is Following You

I had to do quite a few things today, most importantly I had to fast so I could go and take my blood test. Since it was in the same part of town as my therapy I decided to just skip breakfast and go an hour before my noon therapy appointment. Easy peasy right?

I was actually in route on the phone with Ms. Pool Shark driving toward the general area of the phlebotomist’s office. I quickly attempted to type in the address for the office into my iPhone… but then the phone froze. Cursing I hung up with Ms. Pool Shark, turned off the phone, angrily waited for the phone to reset and tried again… ONLY FOR IT TO FREEZE A SECOND TIME.

My phone, I used to love it, that is until it started acting out last month. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would refuse. It has been driving me crazy. So without a navigation system, and with out knowing where I was going I ended up calling the office old school style and asked them for directions. After getting lost twice and calling the office like an idiot AGAIN I finally found the building. All that driving in circles though cost me to lose 20 minutes of the hour I had set aside for the appointment.

To make a long story shorter, I went to the wrong floor, they had changed suites and my paperwork did not indicate that change. I wandered around and then finally some nice person took pity on me and directed me to the correct floor. I got to the office finally with 30 minutes until my therapy appointment BUT there was a 20 minute wait. Rather than be late to my therapy I decided to just come back AFTER. It was only another hour, even though my stomach was rumbling for something to eat I did the right thing and went to therapy.

Fast forward and hour later, I get back to the phlebotomist office and there is a nice little sign on the door ‘Out to lunch, be back in an hour’. It is now 1:15 in the afternoon and I refuse to be beat… I will get my blood drawn today. So I did what any girl would do – I went across the street to Anthropology. If I couldn’t eat then I at least could shop.

After shopping and feeling slightly better I went back to the dr office only to find a whole room of people waiting. Needless to say it took another hour to get my blood drawn… rolling on 3:00 here with still nothing to eat all day.

I swung into Subway on the way home. Scarfed it down and then rushed to the bathroom where I proceeded to get sick for the next few minutes… I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones still in my body or if I just ate way too quickly. I decided to cancel the rest of my errands for the day, I went home and got in bed. Moral of the story is if a black cloud is following you don’t leave the house.

UNIVERSE I AM NOW LISTENING. I remained in bed with a good book for the rest of the day. I even made the husband cook our dinner… there was no way I was going near the stove today.


paul peggy zeus said...

What a bad bout with Technological difficulty. You've sure had your share.

lilmansworld said...

phones/hormones/needles what a lovely combination!

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