Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bambi in the Park

I adore my little niece who will be three in September. She is so MUCH FUN and although this age can be a bit frustrating at times she says and does the cutest things in the entire world. Nothing is ever dull as she is generally a whirlwind of activity. At the park Ms. Bambi started throwing some of the wood chips, she didn’t listen when I told her to stop which prompted time out, which resulted in the meltdown and my struggle not to smile. Sometimes I wish I could cry like that when things don’t go my way too.


After a few minutes and a quick talk about not throwing woodchips again she was off playing her moment of frustration forgotten as she chased kids around the park. Ahhhh if only I could go back there, footloose and fancy free for a day, because this kid she is like a tiny beacon of joy and almost always happy. LOVE HER you can’t help it!



Anonymous said...

haha! omg! chocolate or dirt? haha..looks so cute though! while she no longer give me that annoying shriek anymore and the I'm-mad-look and words, she gives me this loud sound like a crying cow as if she doesn't care, which is more like a baby than a grimlin, lol, kidding.

mrs. fruit

paul peggy zeus said...

Little children only know what they want and that usually means NOW! I LOVE this post, so honest, so natural and brings back so many memories of my own. I love you!

lilmansworld said...

She is so stinkin cute!

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