Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Bulldog 10 months

Two weeks ago I met up with Mrs. Bulldog for lunch. Her baby is so handsome with these super large blue eyes. Of course I wanted a chance to photograph him so today I drove out to her house. Taking pictures of a baby this age is super difficult. They are always moving, always distracted by the next bright shiny object and always drooling. With Mrs. Bulldog trying to keep her baby from grabbing the lens, trying to keep the baby somewhat facing me, wiping off drool and jumping up and down behind me to get Baby Bulldog to smile we managed to get quite a few adorable shots. Hope you enjoy!











After an hour and a half Baby Bulldog started fussing. He was ready for a bottle and a nap. Mrs. Bulldog went to the kitchen to get the bottle ready and Baby Bulldog followed to the gate at the kitchen. He was watching mom so intently I grabbed a few photos. I love his little fingers curled in the gate and the smile on his face that he was going to get what he wanted.


I stood over the gate and couldn’t help but laugh at getting this expression on his face. It’s like he was saying ‘You don’t have a bottle, so why are you calling my name.’ Simply precious!



Jess said...

Great Shots Mrs Rogue. I think my favs are the first, last, and the detail shots.

paul peggy zeus said...

cute photo shoot. I heard Bull dogs drool more than most. lol.

Cortney said...

I love the photos so much and, yes, there is a lot of drool in my household!

lilmansworld said...

fun day :)

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