Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sunday Skinny: Week 2

This past week was super hard for me and my weight loss journey. It was my brother’s birthday, see here... it made me want to eat. It was mother’s day and I should have been nine months pregnant at this point, see here, which made me want to eat. I am still not pregnant, see here, and I was just so overwhelmed with emotions which made me want to eat.

Normally I turn to wine and food in order to comfort myself through these times. I close all the doors, turn out all the lights and snuggle up in my bed with a boxful of Krispy Cream donuts and a good bottle of Shriaz. HOWEVER I am desperately trying to change the way I see, look at, and consume food. So instead of drowning my sorrows away I instead holed up and cried. Yup, no donuts, no wine, just me and my tears. That meant that most of this week I have not been functioning very well.

Regardless of all the crying I am so proud of myself. I successfully managed to eat well most of this week. There were a few unavoidable dinners out for Mr. Rogue’s birthday. A Mexican night where I had to dodge the delicious chips and dip on the table... I didn’t eat a single chip. Instead I sipped my water and waited for my chicken fajitas to arrive which I slowly consumed without eating the wraps. I left patting my back.

Dinner the next night at Ruth Chris had me cheating just a bit. I had a glass of wine, my first glass since Ms. Dancers wedding last month. But then I did cheat slightly when the complimentary desert came out. Still I considered the meal quite a success.

The last cheat of the week was my subway fiasco. I simply didn’t prepare properly for going to the San Diego zoo. There wasn’t anything I could eat there and even though I brought some healthy snacks I was starving by the time we left. Subway and its delicious aromas when I walked in the door slayed me; lesson learned, the planning is everything.

Even with these little mini cheats I managed, in a very emotionally stressful week, to not binge ONE SINGLE TIME week. And my willpower showed on the scale this morning when it read 189.5 pounds I was so happy at the 2.5 pound loss for the week. That makes 20.5 pounds down from where I was a month ago. Ladies and Gentlemen that’s two large bags of flour and sugar.


I am ecstatic. A horribly emotional week and I still managed to stick to my guns and not turn to food for comfort. It was hard for sure but I did it and seeing the scale drop that number this week made me do a happy dance for the rest of the day.

Weight Gain Round 5: 210 pounds. 20 pounds gained when I lost the baby.

Weight Gain Round 4: 190 pounds. I lost weight for the wedding and then I gained it all back plus an additional 10 pounds. The wedding gave me a date to reach for but once that day passed all my plans fell apart and the bingeing started again. BLAST IT!!!

Weight Gain Round 3: 180 pounds. When my brother passed away I started bingeing regularly to cover my emotions and gained another 30 pounds.

Weight Gain Round 2: 150 pounds. I gained 15 pounds when I tackled that large project at work and worked all those long hours for a year.

Weight Gain Round 1: 135 pounds. I gained the inevitable ‘I’m in a comfy relationship’ 10 pounds after I started dating my husband.

Start weight when I moved to California 125.

GOAL WEIGHT = 135-150 pounds


The loss of weight this week along with the fact that I get to cross of Weight Gain Round 5; I literally feel like I am walking on sunshine.


paul peggy zeus said...

Great job, sweetheart! Stay strong and look back at these successful posts when the URGE comes on. I love you!

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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Way to go!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yay you!! The visual (sugar and flour bags) sure brings the point home.

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