Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look at all the Mini Me’s

The lake in the center of the park I take my daily walks to has a large population of ducks and geese. Over the past few weeks the Canada Geese couples eggs have hatched and they are now being followed around by their adorable little mini me’s. However, sadly, every walk I went on I would forget to bring my camera.


Today Mrs. Rambo and I went on a walk together. Of course Baby Rambo came with us and since we were going on a picnic I packed a bag with my lunch and remembered to bring my camera, probably because I now had a convenient place to stash it.


Mrs. Rambo even went a step further and brought some bread to feed the geese.


This worked out rather well because getting close to the little ones is quite hard with two parents hissing at you.


She was able to throw the bread to distract the parents and I was able to get a few shots without getting bit. Bonus!




lilmansworld said...

parks are awesome!

paul peggy zeus said...

Love that picture of baby Rambo. Looks like she's already learning to count! lol.

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