Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have really been trying the past few months to adopt a KISS strategy. A Keep It Simple Stupid strategy that basically cuts back my busy life into a not so busy one. There are many reasons; first I find it easier to eat better if I am not running around all over town, second keeping it simpler creates less stress and I find the less stress in my life the less likely I am to order takeout or swing through drive through, and I am really trying to put a good majority of my energy into some financial/life things that just need to get done.

Like changing my last name to my husbands... which I still haven’t done because I am lazy and I suck. Trying to get that done next week.


paul peggy zeus said...

I really like that last idea! I remember the first time I heard the KISS thing. I was 20 at a business insurance appointment with a very good looking contractor and he leans over to me - very close and says I believe in the KISS method when I'm purchasing insurance. I was so shook up I didn't know what to do. Then he says Keep it Simple Stupid and I felt about as low as an ant! I'm sure he had a good time with that one. lol

lilmansworld said...

I didn't change my name for a year after we were married lol Dave Ramsey introduced us to KISS. Its funny how versatile that saying is. Love u sista

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