Saturday, May 28, 2011

Invalid Resonse

Can I just say that I hate automated machines (almost as much as my non-functioning, chew toy modem). They drive me NUTS. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't suck but generally they really suck. I wil admit there are a few companies out there, companies that can afford to pay for the high end automated call services, companies that have better voice recognition software, companies that don't cause me to scream at them. THE DMV cannot afford such an expensive system. But I digress.

Some of you remember last week I finally got around to changing my name on my Social Security Card. It was relatively painless process that made my husband oh so happy. I thought I would have a good month or two before I would have to tackle the second step, aka change my name on my drivers licence. After all there wasn't any hurry in my mind... that was until Wednesday rolled around and I peed on a stick. Now all Mr. Rogue can talk about is how excited he is that this ultrasound, unlike the last ultrasound, will have baby His Last Name on the card when we go to our appointment last week.

In order to officially change my insurance card to get the name on the ultrasound Tuesday I have to change my drivers licence, and because Monday is a holiday I now have very little time in order to get these two pieces of paper switched over and keep my marriage a happy one. We are now in a hurry... and all I want to do is barf!

So yesterday I called the DMV to see if I could get an appointment because the DMV in LALA Land is a madhouse, you really don't dare to go there without one. I tried to go online through my phone to schedule an appointment only their site wouldn't let me process my information. So instead I decide to call and that is when the fight with the automated system began. I am sitting at my desk in our computer room, Mr. Rogue is at his desk and I dial the number. I attempt to go through the system. I say attempt becaue the retarded computer cannot understand a single word I am saying. Over and over it keeps saying Invalid Response. I would sometimes manage to get past one or two layers of choices only to get stuck at the next layer, and guess what this crap system has a three strikes and your out policy. Three strikes and you are started back at the begining. I keep getting kicked out, I am starting to lose my cool. Now I have been with my husband for years... maybe if I had been newly married I would have walked out of the room before I lost my cool. However after the fourth time I got kicked out I completely lost my cool. I started screaming in frustration at the machine. I am so angry I am panting and the compter now I swear is taking a taunting tone to its constant INVALID RESPONSE. In steps my knight in shinning armour. Mr. Rogue wheels his chair over and pries the phone out of my angry claw.

He calmly starts working his way through the phone system. He is smooth and confident. The further he gets the more hope I have that all of this will soon be over. He is now much further in 3 minutes than I have been able to get in the past 15 minutes. He throws me a 'HA this isnt so hard look'. He is patient, he speaks slowly and he keeps throwing looks at me like I am crazy... and then his plan goes awry and he gets three invalid responses. I couldn't get mad; instead we dissolved on the floor in a puddle of giggles. Two college educated people beaten by a loser computer system.

After our laughter subsided I told him that this exact reason is why I didnt want to change my name in the first place. Not because I am all squishy about my maiden name, or even because I am a feminist and believe I shouldn't have to change my name... no it's because I don't want to deal with the drama of changing every single legal document in my life. What a pain in the butt... I say if men want us to take their last name so bad they should have to do all the work.

P.S. I ended up just taking a good book today to the DMV and sucked it up. I waited in line forever, it took over two hours for them to process a simple peice of paper but I managed to get my licence changed. Mr. Rogue of course is estatic.

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paul peggy zeus said...

Welcome to insanity. Happy you made it through changing your name. Somehow I don't remember it being so difficult.

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