Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Accidental Cinco de Mayo

My sister-in-law has a friend visiting from the Phillipines and since my sister-in-law hasn’t lived here that long I volunteered to be the cruise director for her week stay. Now although this does not follow in with my KISS strategy, see yesterdays post, it does fall into the karma category. And since I am hoping to have a kid soon, and since I don’t have any immediate family here, I am trying to wrack up some karma to come back my way.

Or I am just being nice because I really do love my sister-in-law.

So we went to Rodeo drive this morning to do some shopping. We went to Hollywood this afternoon to see the big famous Hollywood sign, walk the sidewalks and see the stars and go to the wax museum. We grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen where I was so proud to order another plain salad while everyone else mowed down my favourite foods, foods that I can no longer indulge in... it was torture for sure!

And then we ventured out to one of my favorite dive bars in LALA land, one where they have karaoke and a pool table. Sadly the pool table was shut down because I totally forgot today was Cinco de Mayo. So tonight we are accidentally celebrating... YEA! Despite how PACKED that bar was we did manage to score some seats, thank the good feet in high heels!


We sang a few songs, we danced, we had a few drinks (aka they had a few drinks – I drank water because alcohol is not allowed on the diet). Can we get a big huge BOO!


Then to make for an even better night Mr. & Mrs. Dancer even stopped by for a few moments.


I had a great time even if the man couldn’t come because he had to work AGAIN... CURSES WORK!



paul peggy zeus said...

What a fun filled packed day You sure know how to entertain out of towners. You always have such interesting things to do with them.

lilmansworld said...

sounds MUCHO better than my cinco. You look fabulous in your shot btw

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