Monday, May 23, 2011

From Ms. to Mrs.

It has been two and a half years since my wedding and last week I finally went to the Social Security Office to change my name. Why did it take so long you ask? Well it had to do with a ton of things, but mostly they are just excuses.

I have been traveling a lot and dealing with a name change and plane tickets didn’t sound fun. We lost the original marriage licence, its somewhere I am sure but with the massive construction we did it could be anywhere. Mr. Rogue kept on me about the name change, he was even the one to reorder copies of our marriage licence so I could go change it. But the copies arrived and I still waited.

I guess the real reason I didn’t make the effort was because I didn’t have a ton of effort to give. I was running on autopilot often and to be honest more work did not sound fun.

So last week I went into the office, brought all my forms and proof’s of identification and then changed my name. It took all of two hours, two measly boring hours and then the first step officially was done.


I didn’t tell Mr. Rogue about my appointment, instead I waited until today, when my new Social Security Card arrived in the mail. When I handed it to him at dinner his face lit up. Finally his Ms. became an official Mrs. with his last name in place of where mine used to be.

I guess this means I have to work on a new signature. CRAP!


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Ashley said...

My husband would of acted the exact same way. It's so weird to become a new name and then when people from high school call me by my maiden name it's so crazy.. I haven't been that person in two years lol

lilmansworld said...

I too waited a year at least :)

Anonymous said...

I've waited about (what year is it?) 3 years and I'm about to go to SS to get my name changed with them. I've already changed it on my Driver's License, etc. They say they'll need more than just my marriage license and DL since it's been over 2 years - what did you show them?

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