Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Modem

You Suck!

You are not even a year old and you up and just decide to stop working. Don't you understand the pain and frustration you have put me through? Not only did my husband flush 7 hours of his time down the toilet constantly on the phone with the internet and modem companies trying to figure out what the problem was... I ALSO HAVE NO INTERNET! Don't you understand I need to blog, I need to stay up on my social media, I don't watch TV so the internet is the only way I read my news in the morning and that I need to GOOGLE all things BABY!!!! How can I do this if you refuse to work. Yes I know I have my iPhone but it just is not the same.

You suck, I hate you and it's going to take a whole week to get a replacement modem.

P.S. I am giving you to the dog as a chew toy... hope you like that!

Rogue Woman

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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, i"m sure Rogue could take care of that modem chew toy in 2,5 seconds.

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