Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ahhh the Newest Lens in the Arsenal

For Mr. Rogues birthday a few days ago we decided to get one of the new lenses he wanted. A Canon 50mm 1.2 lens that is fantastic for portraits or still life’s and that is super fantastic in low light conditions. We wanted something that we could take to parties, to record birthday events, something that could fill in the weak areas of our other lenses and this lens fit the bill perfectly. I am also really excited, although this lens is more of a portrait lens, to try using this in my food photography.

I know this gift was for him but it was so hard not to open the package when I got it last week to take just a few sample shots. I almost talked myself into taking it when I shot Baby Bulldog last week http://www.theroguewoman.com/2011/05/two-weeks-ago-i-met-up-with-mrs.html but thought using my husband’s lens before he even got to open it was a little too shameless.

I had Mr. Rogue open this gift last because I knew that once that box was opened he would completely ignore me for the next few hours.


I was so right. It took him three hours before he even noticed I even existed. He is the kind of guy who likes to read the manual and play with all the buttons.



Then there were the test shots.


Trying to figure out its scope of depth of field – aka the how fast it goes from sharp to blurry.




Then how the bokeh, which is one of the best qualities of this lens, holds up.


And seeing how this lens handles the light.


SIGH. Only after he was finished did I manage to take a few shots and since I was babysitting Baby Bambi, I used her as a subject. I love how this lens isolates her in sharp relief but lets the background be super soft.


It will literally take months before we know the ins and outs of what this lens is capable of but until them, Oh let the fun begin!


lilmansworld said...

you guys get loads of great shots! baby bambi looked interested in the tv maybe?

paul peggy zeus said...

Love the pink flower shot. Great gift for the both of you!

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