Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo Phriday: Isle of Palms Beach Walk

Mr. Rogue and I had a few hours in between obligations for the wedding and since the family house and the bridal house was only a mile distance from each other we decided to walk the beach back to our house.


The houses and the beach are separated by a riparian strip of grasses and plants. This strip of vegetation is one of the fifteen biomes and is an important part of helping to prevent soil erosion.


The houses along the coast were so fabulously gorgeous; one mansion after another with wide porches and comfy looking seats. I could imagine hours and lifetimes watching suns set right over the water from your back yard. One day... one day!


Although it was a windy overcast day it was still warm and of course we took the cameras. Because of the weather Mr. Rogue and I had the entire beach virtually to ourselves.


I adore the beach and feel so thankful to have had the quick time with my man. For a good part of the way we just walked hand in hand, the cameras tucked away, just enjoying the scenery and the time alone. That is until we saw something cool to take a photo of... then we were off.


We are very dedicated to getting a good shot, I would say half of our shots we are either trying to climb something or we are getting close to the ground.


Changing your perspective to a subject is the probably the easiest way to make your photo of something more unique. Everyone takes photos and sees things from eye height standing up. So next time get down and dirty.


While Mr. Rogue was busy taking photos of cliffs of sand I whipped out my mini camera for a few self portraits.


Yea I am never bored. The wind had picked up and I particularly liked how my skirt was billowing in the wind. Thank goodness I had the foresight to put on leggings under my dress.


Because the wind started to increase more Mr. Rogue and I were treated to a rare sight. I have never been on the beach before when it was super windy and the patterns the sand made as it whipped across the land was FANTASTIC. We stood still for a good 20 minutes and took photos. What a rare opportunity.


The after effect of the mini wind storm left these fantastic ripples in the sands surface. The pattern reminded me of zebra stripes.


Every time I take a walk on the beach I curse myself for not doing it more often. I do actually live only a few miles from the beach in LaLa land but I never get to go often enough. I will leave you with a few more photos of fun beach things we found. Hope you enjoy!





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Lilman and I adored this post. He identified the starfish quite clear.

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