Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Strike


You know what sucks... when you have a dishwasher and it decides to go on strike, aka it gives out on you. Now don’t get me wrong I have done all my dishes by hand for YEARS. None of my apartments in the six years I lived in Pittsburgh had a dishwasher, but of course I was waitressing 30 hour weeks and working full time with a busy social life, I wasn’t often cooking meals at home to have to do dishes.

Then I moved to California where I lived for 4 years sans dishwasher. HOWEVER now that I do own a dishwasher it has been pure bliss and I expect it to WORK. I mean it is practically brand new. Let’s face it in the grand scheme of things a broken dishwasher is not the end of the world however cannot deny that I am angry at having to hand wash dishes while my lazy dishwasher takes a vacay. If I didn’t own a dishwasher sitting next to the sink taunting me then maybe I wouldn’t be so aggravated. Occasionally as I am scrubbing a fork I glare down at it and say hateful words.

So as I sit and wash every single dish by hand I wish that the dishwasher would miraculously start working again, or that I could go off of my diet and eat takeout every meal so there wouldn’t be any dishes or that Friday was today... because Friday the Maytag man comes to fix the blasted thing.


paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, try doing dishes for a family of EIGHT to TEN every single day from age six until seventeen!

lilmansworld said...

I quit using my dishwasher for a couple months because I was the better dishwasher......but then I grew tired of seeing dishes on the clean drying mat. Your dad is the ultimate dishwasher lol

Ivy said...

You know what sucks? Being the same age as you and STILL NOT HAVING A DISHWASHER. But I still love you. And you think I'M picky about camping. Jeez.

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