Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nerdy Birdy: Charleston Birds

While in Charleston although I didn’t exprecially try to bird I did manage to get a few bird photos. I just couldn’t help it.

The first chance I got was while Mrs. Dancer and I were looking at the Boone Hall Plantation. We were exploring and found a path that was part of a South Carolina Wood Duck production and research project.


The preserve was pretty small but it had a great habitat for the wood duck. If you look at the center right of this photo you can see one of the 10 wood duck nesting boxes this area has.


Thankfully ducks are not afraid of the camera or I would have NEVER gotten this shot. I didn’t bring my birding lens with me so I only had my 24-105 lens. This guy was SO SUPER COLORFUL and is the first wood duck I have seen in the wild. Sometimes the birds you photo are old, or not in their beautiful breeding plumage, this duck however was spectacular. Thank you Mr. Wood Duck for coming so close so I could get a great photo!


At Boone Hall we also saw many Northern Cardinals. Although Mrs. Dancer isn’t really a birder she has a great eye and can usually spot birds as well as I can. She shares my joy because that is what great friends do.


Although I saw a ton of birds on this trip, mostly while driving, I couldn’t photo most of them. They were either too far away or we were in a fast moving car. Needless to say that birding wasn’t what this trip was about. The only other time that I was able to get some photo is when Mr. Rogue and I took a walk on the beach. I saw several cormorants that I couldn’t get a photo of and then we spotted a Bonaparte Gull who stayed still enough for me to creep forward and grab a shot.



paul peggy zeus said...

I think the Wood Ducks is one of the most beautiful North American Ducks we have. So full of colors - so striking!

Inzodda said...

I love the picture of Mr. Wood Duck, such a handsome lad!

lilmansworld said...


Jess said...

He's a beautiful specimen :) I'm sad that I completely missed him. I got lucky and they had one at the Cypress Gardens. His name was Cypress :) We should do a wood duck inspired make-up session....see what we end up with :)

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