Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ms. Bambi

Baby Fruit is now two and a half. I always name the babies after their parents aka Baby Fruit but now that this baby is a toddler with her own little personality and spunk she deserves her own name. Because she is obsessed with Bambi at the moment and because of her soft brown hair and big doe eyes and I have decided on Baby Bambi. Fitting I hope.

Today I babysat; because she is only two doors down from where I live I take her often, generally for only 3-5 hours. We go to the park, shopping and just play. Having an occasional little kid in your life, one you can borrow and give back is the greatest thing in the world. I adore this little girl and as she gets older she just gets more and more fun.

I took out my nice camera today to try and get some photos, in the end I bribed her with candy to smile for the camera. Not sure if that is ok but without Mrs. Fruit there to jump up around behind me making her smile it was the only thing I had. Plus I am her Tita (aunt) I am supposed to spoil her. Hope you enjoy.












lilmansworld said...

I wanted to buy Bambi for lilman's Easter basket! Darn I totally forgot! Hmm Maybe birthday(hint hint)

paul peggy zeus said...

Bambi is an adorable nick name with her large doe eyes.

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