Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meet Sally

So I was home surfing the internet when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbour... Hi Mrs. Rambo!

“Grab your camera, I have a photo opp for you.” She said.

So I snatched up my camera and headed out the door. She had been planting her spring flowers in her front yard and found what at first she thought was a large healthy worm.


But what she thought was a worm all the sudden blinked. Yea maybe not a worm right?


And then the ‘worm’ started to walk away.


Mrs. Rambo had actually found a garden salamander. A tiny little guy who lives throughout Southern California in gardens that gets water often. Generally these guys live underground and they only come out when it rains really heavily. And since lately we have had a ton of rain he must have been pretty close to the surface, hence why Mrs. Rambo un-surfaced him in her gardening. What a rare find and I so love that she knows me so well to run over to get me.


Not only was it super fun to photo something so tiny, this guy was about the size of my pinkie, I also got to use my new macro lens (macro lenses are used for taking photos of super tiny things). We tried not to disturb him too much and after a few minutes of shooting we watched him slowly head for the cover of some plants. What a rare and unique find.



paul peggy zeus said...

Good job Mrs. Rambo, it's Mrs. Rogue to the rescue. Cute!

Inzodda said...

Love, love, love. I find emotion in its eyes. Reaffirming my belief all life form is important.

lilmansworld said...

so cool! appropriate name too I feel!

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