Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let’s Fly

Now that the weather is warming up, and since I am still trying to lose weight, I have been trying to get my butt out of the house every single day. Lately I have found that taking my three year old niece to the park has SEVERAL advantages.

First the park is about a half mile away, so roundtrip that is a full mile. My dog Rogue and I walk and I push Ms. Bambi in the stroller. Let me tell you a 25 pound child makes a big difference in how my calf muscles feel at the end of the walk. Walking while pushing her is like an extra workout.


Usually on the way to the park Ms. Bambi is chattering away with me. We talk about the things she sees and one of our favourite games is to point out the flowers and have her tell me the color.


Ms. Bambi simply adores Rogue, and I smile inside to see how gentle and sweet he is with her.



Once we get to the park Rogue gets tied to a tree while I chase around Ms. Bambi. Every time I come she gets more adventurous and more independent, but I sure do get a workout running around behind her.




Her favourite thing to do is to fly, I couldn’t quite figure out what she meant the first time she said this. But she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the swing. I love how creative she is. Fly away little girl, soar in your two year old world!



paul peggy zeus said...

Let's fly - how creative she is becoming and with a special Aunt like you, she can't go wrong.

lilmansworld said...

Parks are GOds gift to guardians/mothers. The walls always say, get the heck out lol

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