Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dancer Wedding: Two and a Half Dead Phones

Today Ms. Dancer and I had a very full day. We had an agenda, lists of things to purchase and a future groom to pick up from the airport. We set off pretty early in the morning and about an hour into our two hour trip we stopped to pick up some drinks. Catastrophe number one, oh yes I am going to number them because today was quite an eventful day, Ms. Dancer realized that she had forgotten her wallet back at the house. Since her driver’s licence was expired anyways and since I had my wallet we just shrugged our shoulders and carried on, she would just pay me back later.

Using my iPhone’s navigation we followed the directions to our first stop, Duval catering, so we could drop off the final check and make sure the flavoured sodas ordered had arrived. Catastrophe two happed when we got to where ‘Duvall was supposed to be’. Unfortunately the navigation system took us to the wrong place. Somehow we ended up in a residential area and felt flustered however luckily Ms. Dancer had been to Duvall before and managed to drive around randomly until we got to the right place.

After Duvall we went to Ohh Events, the wedding coordinator to finalize a zillion little things. The planner and Ms. Dancer hunkered down to get to work.


I SOOOO adored their office space. It was full of women and fun colourful things. As they spoke I wandered around with my camera. I just couldn’t help myself.


Everywhere you looked was something else amazing. And even past first glance you would find a ton of other little details to love. What’s best is that their fun areas were actually their workspaces.


It was like Anthropologie (my favourite store) met the most glorious chic country store and they had millions of delicious babies. Although not practical to live in a place like this, who in their right mind would want to dust around all this stuff, it still speaks to my artistic heart.


After Ohh we were on our way to back to town to try and get all the supplies we needed for the last do it yourself projects Ms. Dancer had left. I was a little worried. We had been using my phone so much for directions, I was randomly texting my husband and a few friends and there where those emails I kept getting that I realized most of the battery was gone. My phone had to last at least until we picked up Mr. Dancer so we had to conserve power. I would enter an address and flick the phone quickly on and off to make sure that we were still on track. Yes we should have had a real map in the car but we are modern kind of girls.

In our travels we crossed over this spectacular bridge and I fell in love with the lines of it against the blue sky. Little things make me really happy!


Things like line and perspective and negative space; AHHH see mom that edumacation that I gots is still being used!!!!


So we went to Lowes first and as we were leaving the future Mr. Dancer called. Seemed his flight was delayed and he would be landing two hours late. Although it kind of threw off our initial plan it actually worked out better because the planner and Ms. Dancer had added a few things to our town to do list. Still using my navigation from store to store we bounced picking up a random assortment of things from bird cages to spray paint.

Catastrophe number three happened at the last store, and OH WHAT A CASTROPHE IT WAS. Actually if you look at the whole picture it was more like catastrophe vomited all over the place.

We went into the last store, Hancock Fabrics to pick up some fabric to cover the hay bales she plans on putting out for the kids seats and to pick up fabric tape for the runner we are making. It was perfect... we found the perfect fabric almost immediately and although they didn’t have all the fabric tape we thought we would need they did have most of it.


Ms. Dancer paid and then we left... that is we tried to leave; seems like the keys are missing. After dumping out her purse and scouring the store we still couldn’t find the keys, I started to panic. Ms. Dancer looked through the parking lot, our rental car was still there so we went through the entire store again. After going through the store twice we decided to see if the car was unlocked and maybe she just left the keys in the car ignition. We got to the car and hurrah it was open but wait there were not any keys. We dug around the front seat and then went through the backseat but STILL no keys. We were resigned that they were not to be found so because my phone batter was limping on its last little battery legs Ms. Dancer went to get her phone to call the rental company... that is when the catastrophe vomit happened... her cell phone was missing too.


So we went through the car again, first the front seat and then the back. No phone, no car keys and two very frustrated women. Ms. Dancer and I were looking through the back seat, her on one side of the car and me on the other, one more time, going through our bags and looking under the cars seats. She stood up in frustration and I stood up to talk to try and calm my bride like a good maid of honor... and that’s when I saw the keys, sitting as plain as day, right on top of the car.


Of course they were on the top of the car that makes perfect sense. Regardless we are now up a set of keys and down a phone which is much better than a few moments ago. We drove away with a very unhappy Ms. Dancer. It is the week of her wedding, all her phone numbers are in that phone, all the people traveling to her wedding will call her, the caterer and the event planner will be calling. What a terrible time to lose your phone, needless to say she was in a bad mood.


We still had forty five minutes till the future Mr. Dancer landed and nothing left on our list so when we spotted Target we immediately pulled into the lot.


There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make a bad day a little better!


My phone battery lived long enough to get us to the airport and then it literally died the moment the future Mr. Dancer got in the car. At least now we can use his phone to get home. Insert catastrophe number four, the future Mr. Dancer’s cell phone was almost dead and we were starving and two hours from Ms. Dancer’s parent’s house. We got dinner and about halfway to the house before Mr. Dancers phone bit the dust. Thankfully we were close enough that Ms. Dancer could remember the way home.

One phone missing and two dead phones... the car felt very lonely.



paul peggy zeus said...

Wow what a day and such long sad faces on Ms Dancer! I know she's always smiling in reality and I'm glad everything turned out fine despite the hiccups along the way.

paul peggy zeus said...

I'm super uper duper happy your edumajacation comes in so handy tooo!

lilmansworld said...

only 2 you 2 could all the catastrophes occur during marriage week. I would flip the f out. as I am reading this, I thought to myself, MAN I would never do a destination wedding, but I did......hahaha

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