Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancer Wedding: Taking Off

Ahhhh somehow I wrote this post, saved it as a draft and then forgot to post it before I left. Why you ask, because the day we left was a complete mess and I have been literally working my fingers to the bone until now... I have a moment... and I took that moment to check Facebook and the blog. So here it is, the post I was going to post four days ago.

Today is a day of last minute errands and packing for Ms. Dancers wedding and nothing seemed to go quite right. The plan was for me to pick Ms. Dancer up after my hair appointment and to go to my house for some projects we needed to complete. Instead we had a bunch of stuff left to do at her house and I had to give up the plan and go with the flow. WHY going with the flow is so hard for me I have no idea. I am a planner. I like structure. I like timelines, organizer lists and things to be done when they are supposed to get done. You could even say I am a bit militant with my time but that is because wasting time is totally not my style. It is one of my best and worst qualities. Best because I get things done but bad when I cannot let go of my little mental spreadsheet.

Ms. Dancer is the ying to my yang. She starts with lists but ends up going adrift, she adventures, she gets pulled in other directions and eventually things get done. The thing is in the end things always get done. Both ways work, both ways get things done, both are just a different means to the same end. However the problem is when we try and do big things together. I ying, she yangs and somewhere a nuclear bomb goes off.

So I was at Ms. Dancers house, things were yinging and I was trying to keep my cool, trying to not take over, trying to trust in her way of doing things. And you know what, everything got done in her own time, there were a few things that had to be shifted to a later day but we finished and we even had an extra hour to watch a little TV before my husband came home to take us to the airport for our red-eye flight to Charleston.

So we are off on a wedding week in Charleston. The wedding is on Sunday and we have a ton of things to do until then but I cannot wait for Ms. Dancer to have her big day! I will be back Monday and will have tons of wedding posts and pictures. See you later.


paul peggy zeus said...

i love that ying and yang analogy and you're right, things normally get done either way.

lilmansworld said...

If it were possible to 'like' a paragraph, it would be the last sentence in paragraph #3 lol

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