Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dancer Wedding: Part I The Morning - Getting Ready for the Big Day

We woke up at 8AM, had breakfast then headed to the nail salon. Ms. Dancer paid for all of us to get manicures & pedicures. YEA girl getting pretty time!


Some of us like Ms. Dancers soon to be sister-in-law hadn’t gotten a manicure in quite a while. Look at that grin... this is one happy girl!


And then the day only got better. One of the bridesmaids picked up a few bottles of Champaign for us all to do a toast to the new couple.



After nails Ms. Dancer’s sister and I went with the bride to get her hair done. She wanted our opinion and we could keep her company too.


She had done a trial run with her hair a few months ago and pretty much knew what she wanted. I was having a little hair envy. Mine still wasn’t done and I was getting a little worried that I wouldn’t have time to get it curled how I wanted. Thankfully the girl next to Ms. Dancers hairstylist had a cancelation and quickly blew out my hair and put a few curls in.


After hair Ms. Dancer got her makeup done at the same salon. Since Ms. Dancer doesn’t usually wear makeup I was a little worried. And then I saw the makeup artist. She was wearing a ton of makeup, it looked great on her but I was worried she was going to try something similar on Ms. Dancer. I hovered ready to jump in but in the end I had nothing to fear. The artist did just a light cover under the eye, a slight barely there blush, and a simple shimmer on the eye. It was fantastic and just perfect for her.


Nails, hair and makeup done we headed back to the house. The rest of the girls were in the process of getting ready. Makeup and dresses, curling irons and various stages of dressing were all going on at once. Six girls all at once, the estrogen was thick.


Ms. Dancer had decided to not wear a traditional veil and go with a lace accented birdcage veil. I was so jealous... it looked FANTASTIC on her and now I so wish I had worn one at my wedding.


Her dress was simply perfect for her; lacy, delicate and romantic. I was there when she originally tried it on but I hadn’t seen it with the alterations fitting perfectly. She simply took my breath away. I was working on keeping the tears at bay.


Her mom had given her something old, her grandmothers watch. Her something new was an exquisite cameo she bought on our most recent trip to Europe in Venice. Her something blue was a small bow on her garter belt. And for her something borrowed I loaned her the same handkerchief that was my grandmothers that I carried at my wedding.


Love you sweetie!


lilmansworld said...

such a wonderful morning!

paul peggy zeus said...

All the preparations are in order for the "Big Day". Looks like you all had a marvelous time!

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