Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancer Wedding: Just Call Me Gimpy

I wish I could say this morning was a slow lazy morning but we had to be up, packed and out of the house by 10AM. Normally that wouldn’t be a huge deal except for the fact that we are all tired and maybe a little hangover from the night before. Mr. Rogue and I threw our things in our bags, not exactly how I normally repack but it worked, and made it to the family house in time for the third or fourth brunch. I say third or fourth brunch because there are multiple breakfasts in this house. With over 50 people to feed it was easier to eat in shifts and the shift you ate in just depended on what time you got there. Bacon, eggs, bagels and fruit = one happy house of people.

We ended up lounging around the house for the rest of the afternoon, Mr. Rogue and I sadly had two different flights home. Because I had flown in with the bride the week before the wedding I ended up on a different airline. So I went to the airport with Mr. Rogue, he was an hour early for his flight and I had two and a half hours till mine. I thought I wouldn’t mind waiting; I have a good book after all. We got to the airport and I said goodbye to my husband and went to check in my gate. ARGGGGGGG this is why I hate traveling sometimes. Even though I checked in online not more than four hours before it seems between registering for my flight online and checking at the airport in my flight was cancelled.

Since I was there so early I tried to catch another flight but I didn’t end up getting called. Back to the drawing board, back to the flight desk, back to politely arguing with the gate agents. You see I used to be a flight attendant, I know the ropes of what they can and cannot do and I was able to finagle myself onto another flight path rerouted through a different city. The gate agent was stubborn because all the flights had too short of a layover and she thought I would never make the connection. So I made her look up the flights gates I would potentially be landing in, look up the gates I would potentially be taking off at and picked the one that landed and took off again only 7 gates away. You only need a 20 minute layover if the gates are close. That plus having her switch my seat closer to the front of the plane gave me the best chance of making the connection. That way I can just hop off and run. Or hobble in my case.

I did end up making the connection on the layover, I was hungry because I didn’t get a chance to grab dinner, but that was a small price to pay. I would rather be hungry than stranded overnight in an airport far away from home.

But what am I complaining about, 100 years ago it would take someone a year or more of traveling to get from one side of the United States to another. And even if they managed to not get killed or eaten or die of some horrible disease it still took A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR. Now we can do it in 6 hours and we still complain because the six hours ended up running into 8-10 because of delays or cancelations. So in the end I am ok with a little delay.

Oh and as to the hobbling through the airport, yea I kinda killed my calf muscle. I was doing the introductory twist at Mrs. Dancers wedding yesterday. It was the first song played and everything was going great. The second song was a throwback to the 80s. Two of the girls and I all started doing the running man... and well my running man although enthusiastic went a little off. In case you can’t quite picture the running man I thought I would post this video, from the 80s with Dancing Kim, I found. If you click on this link it will make you laugh I swear!

Dancing Kim's Totally Rad Running Man, click here

I ended up limping off the dance floor and what I thought was just a charley horse ended up being a much more serious strain. I can walk, it’s just I can’t really comfortably put weight on that leg. Stairs I have found particularly trying, and still 8 days after the wedding as I am finally getting around to writing this my calf still hurts, although it is remarkably better. So sadly I didn’t get to dance much at Mrs. Dancers wedding, although I did limp up for every slow song.

You can just call me Gimpy from now on.


paul peggy zeus said...

Even with modern transportation, it still takes us 5-6 months to go 1/2 way across the country. lol.

lilmansworld said...

that video was hilarious.

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