Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dancer Wedding: DIY Wedding Projects

Weddings as a guest are fantastic, being in a bridal party makes the partying part of the wedding increases the fun (you are closer to the action) and a little bit more work, however being the Maid of Honor increases the fun (I get to be right up front to see my best friend married) but also increases the work and stress tenfold. This was my first time being a MOH, aka Maid of Honor or what I like to now call

Masochistic Obeyer of Horror
Manic Obsessive Hurricane
Minion of Hell
Magic Octopus Human
Majorly Ostentatious Handywoman
Maker of Happiness
Mutilator of Happiness

those were the best I can do with the acronym given... of course I am just kidding, being in the wedding party and being a part of such a big day is fantastic, being the MOH and the right hand woman to your bride is the most special feeling in the world. I was am so incredibly excited for this wedding you think it was my own. Maybe because I know her man is so right for her or maybe because I am excited that my best friend, like always, seems to be traveling a very similar life path of my own. Regardless what the reason is I am super happy to be next to her during her big day.

That is I am happy until the bride put me to work. Today I had to put in my time, earn my honor and help my bride get things done. So we spent the day finishing up the last minute do it yourself tasks for the wedding. Between Ms. Dancer, the future Mr. Dancer, an aunt and myself we managed to complete everything on the list.

First were the favours. Ms. Dancer and her groom to be adore tea, I even threw a Alice in Wonderland Tea Party themed shower, see here. So for the favors Ms. Dancer decided to give away loose leaf tea and honey.


We put the three different types of teas and two different types of honey in tiny little glass jars. Then we cut up the material Ms. Dancer and I bought a few weeks ago at Joanne Fabrics, see here, into squares and tied it around the little glass jars. In the knot she placed a thank you tag. Repeat that about 100 times and we had the favors complete. They looked so adorable and I thought the colors worked really well together, country but fun. Ms. Dancer is so creative I adored how these came out.


Next on the agenda we had to work out something to get the program booklets together. Ms. Dancer didn’t want to use staples and we couldn’t get the hole punching and ribbon to look good so in the end I used my mad sewing skills to sew the program booklets together.


Once we figured out how to sew paper, a new one for me, it went really well and we were both pretty happy with the results. That is I was happy until I hit 50 booklets... the sewing machine decided to stop working. Of course I got frustrated.


This wasn’t my sewing machine, it was Ms. Dancers moms, and she didn’t seem to know how to work it at all. I just couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong and when I get frustrated I just want to start smashing things with baseball bats. Rather than smash apart the machine I decided to call in the big guns. Mr. Dancer took out the directions, played with the machine for a while and eventually managed to figure out the problem. Love you Mr. Dancer thank you for saving the poor sewing machines little life.


After the programs were finished I moved onto the event cards which were going to be placed in peoples rooms and told what time and where the various activities were going to be. Since it was just a simple card with a colored background and since Ms. Dancer and I were feeling a little funky we tried various different setting on the sewing machine. Internet meet the bastard stepchild.


This was a scrap of paper that we were trying different stitches on that I now refuse to throw away. By the end of the day it had a hole punches and test ribbons threaded through it and about 15 different needle settings sewn on it. The bastard stepchild became our little sewing mascot and I cannot wait to bring it out for her 40th wedding anniversary!

We decided to do a simple zig zag pattern at the top of the events pages.


I had such a great time sewing paper, and the results came out so adorably I just know I will be sewing paper for something in the near future!


The last thing on my sewing list was two more pillows. Ms. Dancer, now a pro, did most of the cutting and pinning. We are such a well oiled team sometimes.


Not only did I get to teach Ms. Dancer how to cut and sew pillows but I also got to teach her how to sew with a needle and thread. She wanted these adorable little rose accents sewn to the green pillows we made a few weeks ago, see here.


So she and I sat side by side and finished the last of the pillows. Maybe sewing will open a whole new world of wonderful creativeness for her!


The last do it yourself project for the day was making the runner. Ms. Dancer found instructions on how to take beach grass mats turn them into a runner for walking down the aisle. First we super glued 11 mats together tucking the blue edging underneath.


Then we took fabric edging tape and super glued it to cover the edges. Ms. Dancer picked out a white and we had a heck of a time finding enough at various stores to finish the project.


We kept having to flip the runner this way and that way. Ms. Dancer had the glue gun plugged into an extension cord that only went so far. There were jokes flying around about getting used to having her movement restricted and learning to love the old ball and chain. I still smile every time I look at this photo.



paul peggy zeus said...

Looks like you gals did a fine job on all the finishing touches for her "Big Day" Good going girls!

lilmansworld said...

funny how martha stewart plays a role in our lives, still! your sewing photo was boobilicious!

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