Friday, April 8, 2011

Dancer Wedding: Charleston, Isle of Palms

After all the do it yourself crafts for the wedding were finished, see here, we somehow managed to Tetris everything in the car. Not only did we have our bags but we also had to fit in all the wedding stuff and Ms. Dancer, the soon to be Mr. Dancer and myself. It was a tiny car but we managed to get everything to fit and we were off on the 2 hour trip to the Isle of Palms.

The drive was so beautiful. Since Charleston sits so close to the water there are tons of inlets and waterways. I saw so MANY cool birds and would have loved to spend a few days out in the fields photoing them but I purposefully left all my birding lenses back home. This week was about a wedding not my birding.


With all the water there were a few long bridges that seemed to stretch out into infinity. The Connector Bridge that takes you over the salt marsh to the Isle of Palms where we were staying made me with I had extended my stay for an extra week after the wedding.


The Isle of Palms is only about 7 miles long and 1 mile wide. Point being is that all the houses are pretty close to water, I could totally imagine owning a home here. I truly fell in love with the great southern charm and quiet beauty of the island.


Ms. Dancer had rented two large houses for the out of town guests. We stayed at the family house today... oh what a house. With 13 bedrooms, 7 baths, three floors, a wide open floor plan, two family rooms, a pool table, a pool and hot tub, a gourmet kitchen and three levels of wrap around porches where you could see the ocean made me squeal in delight. Yes please... this is the way to LIVE!!!!!


After settling in, and since no one had the energy to cook, the family that was at the house headed out to dinner. On the way back over the connector bridge to the mainland I was in love with the sunsets in South Carolina.


We ended up eating dinner at Crave a local restaurant with fantastic southern food and a good vibe. Most of the people at the table I have met numerous times before.


I also managed to order the best glass of Petite Syrah I have had in years. I loved it so much that I found the manager and begged him to let me buy two bottles that I would of course discreetly hide on my way out. I am just hoping they make it home in my suitcase. It will be a fantastic special occasion wine.

There were several toasts to the happy couple and much laughter.


I adore this girl, we have been best friends for 20 years. She was the maid of honor at my wedding, I am the maid of honor of hers and I am hoping to raise our kids together. Cheers to the next 20 years and what adventures that brings us!



paul peggy zeus said...

What a fantastic Beach house. Jess: live long, stay healthy and enjoy your man - make him #1 and if he does the same, all else will fall into place. I love you!!

lilmansworld said...

I love going on vacation with you lol

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