Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancer Wedding: The Adventure Begins

Arrrrrg. I hardly ever take red-eye flights, only about once every other year, and each time I go I remember WHY I hate red-eye’s, WHY I should never take one again. The theory of a red-eye seems to make sense. You fly all night, you don’t lose a day of your vacation traveling, you sleep and then wake up in a new place; perfect right? However the execution of the red-eye is quite different. I always curse myself every time I take a red-eye but the memories fade, I think hey it can’t be that bad, the tickets cheapness lures me into buying one and I have to deal with the pain and suffering all over again. Universe... I get it; never again will I take a red-eye!

So Ms. Dancer and I embarked out to the airport to go to Charleston to finish the last of the wedding preparations before the big day on Sunday. She cuddling her snuggy pillow and carrying her wedding dress and me clutching a new book and pulling a rollerboard full of camera equipment. Did I mention Ms. Dancer was channelling rainbow bright tonight?


Leaving Los Angeles wasn’t so bad, our plane took off at midnight and since I am a night owl at heart and would have been up anyways I was bright and chipper.


We had a small little issue, Ms. Dancer and my seats were not together and the plane was full. Thankfully the girl next to me switched... now we will have a shoulder to hopefully catch some sleep on. I normally can sleep anywhere, in fact the motion of planes, trains and automobiles has a gentle soothing effect on me and will normally lull me right to sleep. But even before we took off a baby started babbling two rows ahead. Ms. Dancer and I looked at each other and I commented

“At least the baby isn’t crying.”

Ms. Dancer gave me a quelling look, a look that said ‘I can’t believe that you just tempted the universe with that statement.’ Two seconds later the baby started screaming and then another three rows over started screaming as well... sigh it is going to be a LONG flight. Needless to say on the five hour flight we managed to get maybe two hours of sleep.

We landed in Charleston at 8AM, 5AM our time, which translates to HORRIBLY CRABBY ME! We got our bags, found the rental car and headed on the road for the two hour drive to Ms. Dancer’s parents house. With the light and the fresh air I got a second wind and couldn’t help getting some photos of the scenery. Every time I visit the east coast and see all the green I long to move back. Although I adore the weather and so many things about LALA land I am really getting over it. I miss the green that surrounded me for 25 years of my life, the desert has its own beauty but nothing can replace my love for vibrant green trees and a clear blue sky.



paul peggy zeus said...

I love how Ms Dancer can match her outfit to her carryon. Not everyone can claim that one! It's tough to fly all night and not get any sleep.

lilmansworld said...

how could u possibly sleep with the brightness of her outfit? love u ms dancer! This is going to be cheesy, ok? Grass is always greener.....

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