Sunday, April 17, 2011

Da Races


I went to the races for my first time today. Mr. Rogue and I are not gamblers and for some reason I had this idea in my head that the only reason to go to horse races was for the gambling. Let me tell you it was a whole other world. Yes there were the gamblers but there were also beautiful horses. And what little girl didn’t wish for a horse when she was growing up, I sure did.



Mr. & Mrs. Rambo, along with her sister and Baby Rambo, joined us. Mrs. Rambo and her sister have been to the races before, they know the ropes, how to bet, how to box in a certain set of horses to win, oh and they taught me their strategy for picking out winners. You either bet on the prettiest horse, the horse that wearing your favourite color or by how much you like the name. I am pretty sure that this is not the technically right way to bet but we weren’t really betting officially, we were just betting with each other.

Although we got there only in time for the last two races it was still super fun. And no we couldn’t go any earlier cuz we had a red bull drinking baby in tow.


Dont worry the red bull wasn’t open! AS IF!

We got nestled into the stands waiting for the horse race to start.


We all had our winners picked and those five minutes we really screamed our heads off.


It was really exciting even though my horse didn’t win first he came dang close; literally a slow motion nose to nose race.


We weren’t there just for the races, there was another event that started just after the last race. For the first time they were allowing a walk on the track by people who donated to City of Hope – Stop Cancer.


Although there was some drama with Mr. Rogue and my tickets we worked it out and I was impressed by the amount of people walking.


Since this is my year of volunteering, I think this fits under that umbrella of giving back, I thought that this was a pretty cool event. There were some initial speeches thanking us all for our donations.


Then we were off, walking down past the paddock and down the entrance tunnel to the track.


As we were walking on the dirt track where the horses had just raced there were many people on the big screen talking about why they were walking, how cancer had touched their life or lives of loved ones. Sad stories of despair and uplifting confessions of survival. Cancer really is a large evil in our lives.


I loved the sea of purple, seeing how each and every one of us wearing purple are trying to make a small difference in finding a cure for cancer.


The walk was short, only about a quarter of a mile, but at the end we got to see the starting block for the races. Santa Anita, you will always hold a special memory in my heart.


Thank you Mrs. Rambo for including us in your fun day, even if Mr. Rogue and I were a little bit of a train wreck.



lilmansworld said...

Good for you for giving back and to see horses must have been fun! My neighbor is going to KY next weekend and how fun would that be to experience. Small World!

lilmansworld said...

also cannot resist: DA bulls. DA bears

paul peggy zeus said...

I love the purple T Shirts. What a great way to give back. I thought it was like a marathon walk you did. 1/2 mile - piece of cake. MMMMM did I just say cake??

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