Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BBBS 41: Early Easter in Rio

Ok so of course I didn’t spend today in Rio with my little, although I wish I had and today isn’t really Easter, I just HAD to celebrate a little early. It really was for the best.

So since Ms. Little is on spring break this week I decided to take her to go see ‘Rio’ the movie and there are food land mines all over this day. First we always grab something to eat, usually her choice, and today she picked Panda Express. Not the healthiest choice by far and of course there was NOTHING there I could eat. Since I had eaten right before I left the house I just had water but watching her eat that pile of deliciousness was VERY HARD.


Afterwards we went to the theatre to get our tickets for ‘Rio’. Oh how she loves it when I ask her to stand in front of the movie sign to take a photo!


When we got to the concession stand another food landmine loomed. Generally we get a popcorn or some candy and a large slushy. Today I ordered a diet coke (cheated a tiny bit here folks but still at least no calories) and my little got candy and a slushy. And when the heck did theatres get so fancy with their drink machines!


I swear diet coke NEVER tasted so good in my life than that first sip.

The movie ended up being fantastic and no I am not biased because it had a ton of birds in it, but it did help. Sometimes kids movies play and I want to gouge my eyes out with my straw its so bad, ahem ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’, but I could see this again and again. Especially at the theatre, cuz 3D is cool yo.


After the movie I went over Ms. Little’s house to give the kids their Easter baskets. You see I bought all the baskets, plastic eggs, grass and candy for Easter weeks ago and ever since I have been on my new eating plan that damn candy has been in the closet calling my name. So in order to silence its evil temptious call I decided to impulsively make them this morning, tuck them in the back of my car and give them to the kids a bit early.

Jellybeans oh how I adore you but I also cannot tell you how proud I am that I didn’t eat one single one. HAH take that!

I made Ms. Little a large basket with tons of candy, some quarters stuck in plastic eggs and a huge chocolate bunny. Of course the basket is pink, it’s Ms. Little’s favourite color.


Then with a brother and three sisters I make sure that I give the other kids a little basket too.


Happy Easter everyone, even if it is a little early!



lilmansworld said...

THey are so blessed to have such a blessed person :)

paul peggy zeus said...

So proud of you to escape Jelly Bean Hell! :)

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