Saturday, April 16, 2011

BBBS 40: April Showers

Ms. Little and I decided to spend the day in my background immersed in spring. We were going to begin fixing my background from the devastation our dog Phoenix (who we had to find another home, see here) wrought when she tore it to pieces, see our broke down backyard here. Literally 70% of the plants were ripped out and killed. I didn’t have the heart to do anything last year. So this spring it was time for some love.

I picked Ms. Little up and we immediately went to The Home Depot for supplies. We picked out quite an array of flowers, got some dirt and we were off to pay.


Ms. Little is getting so much bigger, I am glad we are so comfortable with each other now. And she really is starting some typical teenage behaviour. I turned around while we were in line to say something and there she was, on my iPhone, chatting on Facebook with some friends.


Ms. Little and I got to talk quite a bit about plants, root systems, plant food, how to plant a plant and how to take care of them well until they get established into the native soil. We found plenty of spiders, snails and worms and talked about how all these creatures are part of the circle of life, how some of them are good while others could be harmful, YEA like that black widow we found.


Its awesome to be able to share knowledge with someone, to help them see something in a whole new light. It really makes experiences like just planting some plants really unique.


Not only did Ms. Little learn some cool things about plants she also made a little money. I told her I would pay her $5 an hour for ‘working’ in the yard and she really helped. The manual labour alone was kick butt. This kid really has a great work ethic.


Love you Ms. Little, you are really turning into an amazing woman and I am glad you are allowing me to walk along beside you.



lilmansworld said...

What a wonderful person and role model you are :) What you are teaching her follow her forever :) You are a grower of soul and spirit!

paul peggy zeus said...

It is wonderful to be able to share such experiences with her.

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