Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Have I Been

Generally when I disappear off my blog for a few days or even a few weeks it is because I am traveling out and about, visiting friends, family or just exploring someplace new. However the most recent absence has to do with me holing up in my house trying to wrap my brain around our financial future.

Things like, budgets, retirement, 401Ks, investments, stocks, real estate... my head is literally spinning. Mr. Rogue and I have always had a tentative plan for our financial future but it just seems that everything is coming to a head right now. Since Mr. Rogue works so much we have been in agreement that most of the financial research would be my job. Normally I am not a procrastinating kind of person but with my depression getting myself motivated to do things is more difficult. So in essence I haven’t been blogging consistently lately because all that research I have put off needs to be done.

It started with a few phone calls to some financial planners and then a trip to the book store where borders stole a bunch of my money.


I sorta feel like I am back in school with all the research I have been doing and although I am nervous at making large decisions and steering us down the wrong path I am optimistic about the future.

Funny enough I feel better now than I have in months. Maybe it is a sense of a driving purpose, maybe it’s the many options of possibilities, maybe it is the challenge I thrive off of, or maybe it is the excessive amounts of caffeinated tea I have been drinking from my new Anthropologie cup. UMMMM Double Spice Chai Black Tea how I love thee... I think I will go make a cup now!



Inzodda said...

LOVE THE TEA CUPS!!! :) Maybe we should pursue our Master's together in finance?? hee hee

Jess said...

haha, Jules I was just going to say the same thing :0) LOVE the new tea cup! It's beautiful. I'd drink tea everyday just to use it. Hopefully someday soon I will be borrowing all of those books! xo

paul peggy zeus said...

I've got to hand it to you, you never do anything half way. Its' all or nothing. Ready or not.

lilmansworld said...

I love how a book store steals your money lol anthropologie has nothing to do with it either..... hahah

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