Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ms. Dancer’s Wedding Preparations

Ms. Dancer is getting married, and she is getting married soon, as in 15 days soon so because I am the MOH I am helping her get some of the things ready. A few days ago we spent time getting two major things done. First we needed to select material for various wedding needs and second we needed to get the wedding band. Both took quite some time.

We had lunch, went over wedding details and then headed to Joanne Fabrics. That place is a wonderland for a crafty girl like me. I actually don’t even like to go sometimes because of all the wonderful things I inevitably buy and because I generally leave with WAY more than I needed. However today I really tried to focus on the task at hand. Ms. Dancer first had to select a bunch of different colored cloth that fit her theme so we could use them for the wedding favours. Finding cloth that she liked, that was the right color combination, that felt country and that went with her theme was pretty hard. Many times we would start a set only to have to discard it for something else because the feel was off.


Once the selections were made for the various favour cloths and the pillows we wanted to make we went to get into the cutting line. It ended up being a REALLY long line. A whole troop of girl scouts were there.


And they were wheeling up with piles and piles of material. These girls were not fooling around. I was curious and asked what they were doing with all their cool fabric.


‘We are making dog beds for some of the animals in the shelter.’ A little girl replied.

I lost it, started crying right there in the middle of Joanne Fabric. The poor girl probably thought I was crazy, I mumbled a ‘that’s so sweet’ before I fled to the button isle out back to recover myself. I blame the hormones which can be out of wack for up to a year after being pregnant... that’s NUTS! But it is the only thing I can think is creating these crazy mood swings.

After the girl scout debacle we were up at the cutting table and the not so happy lady behind the counter was grumpily helpful getting all our fabric cut.


After two and a half hours we had our fabric... one more item to cross off her insanely long list.


So then we headed out to the jeweller. Ms. Dancer has an antique family ring and she has been scouring everywhere trying to find a wedding band that can be modified to look good with her ring. We were super lucky and found something almost perfect. With just a little bit of modifications, which they can do in a few hours, it will be just what she is looking for.

Today Ms. Dancer came to my house so we could work on the pillows she wants to have scattered throughout her venue. Since she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted we decided to make them. This was Ms. Dancers first time making pillows and after I showed her how to cut and pin them she did most of the leg work.


Although I showed her how to work my sewing machine she opted to just watch that part. I don’t use my sewing machine that often, but when I do get it out of the box it makes me happy. One year I really need to have a sewing challenge and make some clothes. I have done curtains before, simple pillows and a few Halloween costume pieces but never the more complicated things.


In the end we managed to get four pillows done in about three hours which I am uber happy with. One more session and we can finish the other four. How can I not help her, she is just soooo happy with how they came out!



Danielle said...

You're so lucky to be a MOH!!! I have not even been to a wedding for over 10 years (even I got married at the courthouse) and stood up for one when I was 3. It would be a nice treat to be a bridesmaid! Oh, and I used to work at Joann Fabrics. It was a mega "ETC" store I worked at. So much fun!

paul peggy zeus said...

I just went to a Joanne's here in Lake Havasu and was soooo disappointed in this particular store. I asked if they had cross stitch patterns - notta one. Then I asked if they had a paint by number - nope. I'm glad you both found what you were looking for and agree that I normally LOVE this store.

paul peggy zeus said...

BTW - great job on the pillows, girls.

lilmansworld said...

great to have a friend like you!

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