Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Men are from Mars

Just when I think that Mr. Rogue and I have become comfortable, like we are fitting closer and closer together, like I understand where he is coming from and why, that things are getting more predictable... I get thrown a curve ball.

Mr. Rogue and I went to Blockbuster... yes they still have those, antiquated I know. P.S. Don’t worry this one has signs all over the place that they are closing soon. So we went and I do what I always do, I picked out the two movies that I thought would be good, ‘Never Let Me Go’ and ‘The New Daughter’. We got home and tried to decide which one to watch first. My husband looked at both and immediately picked ‘New Daughter’. I was curious because he didn’t read the back; he didn’t know what either of the movies were about so I asked why.


Then he went into his mini tirade. Bottom line is that ‘New Daughter’ had a guy with a gun on the cover and he was hoping that there would be someone shooting that gun and ‘Never Let Me Go’ had two women on the cover and the word everlasting love on it. I never pegged Mr. Rogue for a judge a book by its cover kind of guy. He is usually so meticulous and methodical about making decisions; this decision was so out of character. What I expected was for him to read the back, go on Rotten Tomatoes or some other review site and analyze the statistics and then after 45 minutes make an educated well thought out decision.

So I confronted him about his decision making method with the movies, told him his behaviour was out of step with how I perceived he would make the decision and that is when I found out my husband is a master mind. That personality test you take in high school pegged Mr. Rogue in the top 1% of the population. My jaw hit the floor, but after I took a moment to compose myself it makes sense. He is quirky, intelligent and crazy ridiculous at his job.

Now I know two new things about my husband in a span of a 15 minute conversation. I know that he is mastermind and I know how to get him to watch Sex and the City with me, I can just slightly modify the cover of the DVD with Photoshop!



Inzodda said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think you are the true mastermind! :)

paul peggy zeus said...

That's a good one.

lilmansworld said...

you crack me up!

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