Sunday, March 20, 2011

BBBS 39: The Mall

Today Ms. Little asked to go to the mall, I mean seriously what teenage girl doesn’t love the mall! Heck I still go all the time and it is hard for me to leave however today reminded me of those days when I was young, poor and loving to see everything and of course be seen.

We went into a ton of stores, some for practical reasons like buying Mr. Rogue’s birthday present and then others we went into just to browse... and of course goof off. Hot topic was one of the goof off stores and man did we have a riot. First there were the hats.

Ms. Little had me try on a racoon cap.


Then there were the Goth kids to check out, all the people with random piercings and purple hair who frequent the store. Then we fell in love with the finger puppets. Aren’t they adorable!!!! If they didn’t have so many little tiny parts that could be gnawed off I would have bought a ton for my nieces and nephews.


After we joked around for an hour we got down to business. Ms. Little needed a new pair of pants for school. Now a pair of pants would have been easy but we had to find a pale khaki, with pockets so it would follow the rules of her schools uniform code but they couldn’t be dorky. She wanted skinny khaki pants and let me tell you they were HARD TO FIND!! After about three million stores where the khakis either didn’t fit regulation OR they didn’t fit my little’s personal idea of style I was ready to pull out some hair. Store after store, dressing room after dressing room, running hither and yon through the mall we went until I was ready to face punch someone. Finally at the last store we managed to find what everyone was looking for. A pair of khaki pants that were cool and uniform approved. I never appreciated a smile like the one that she graced me with as she stepped out of the GAP changing room door. THANK THE GOOD LORD we had found them.

Then, as she got out of the car today, she turned to me and told me she loved me. It was the first time she had said it first, every time before this time it was in response to my I love you. And I know it was silly but I thought I would burst with happiness.


Ms. Little I know you think that I am a light in your life but let me tell you a secret... you are the light in mine!


paul peggy zeus said...

Aw, how sweet. Sometimes it takes time to find just the right pair. Especially when you only have ONE pair to your name.

Inzodda said...

This is very sweet. You are lucky to have each other!! :)

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