Friday, February 25, 2011

Weather Showers

... bring amazing skies. On part of my drive home yesterday there is a mountainous section that is covered in the most delicious tone of green. These hills always remind me of a land that is enchanted, something from the pages of the lord of the rings or jumping off like a medieval painting.


Today when I got to this section of my drive I was doubly rewarded. Not only were the hills super green (From all that rain we have been having I am sure) they were also bathed in the most fabulous dappled light.


I pulled over at one of the exits and spent a good 20 minutes photographing the play of light.



paul peggy zeus said...

All the rain has made it so much greener here in lalala land.

lilmansworld said...

still lookin great!

Adrienne said...

That first photo is especially stunning! I love the skies after a good rain storm. :)

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