Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are Back

We are back from one of the most spectacular trips of our lives!

We went to the Galapagos Islands, which I wrote about in detail. I haven’t taken this many photos since I started photography two years ago. Although the constant work of carrying around all that equipment was difficult I really think that the continued work has got me oiled into a well tuned photographing machine. This trip has left me incredibly invigorated and inspired.

Since we have been gone for two weeks today is one of those reality slapping you in the face kind of days. You know when you come home from vacation, aka fantasy land, and then come home to find out that the cat has left a fur ball present in the middle of the kitchen floor. There is also life that needs to get back to. Laundry must be done, a house must be cleaned, that empty fridge needs filling, animals need to be showered in attention and 15,000+ photos needed to be sorted and organized.

So I am off to play some more with Lightroom, a new program we just purchased for editing photos, and I am only giving myself this one indulgent night to play. Tomorrow I need to get cracking on that shower I will be hosting in four days for 25 women, the one I have done very little organization for yet.


lilmansworld said...

you must have 30 hours in your day!

paul peggy zeus said...

15,000 pics! wow! That would be a TON of film in the old days and about $10,000 dollars in developing costs. Thats the beauty of digital photography.

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