Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rogue Life List: #18. Do Something for Someone they Cannot do Themselves

We were on the bus on the way to the dock when we first landed in the Galapagos. Mr. Rogue and I already had our cameras out shooting away at the scenery passing by outside the bus windows in between conversations with our neighbors. That's when I heard the news... the couple in front of us just lost their camera on the plane and the authorities were skeptical they would ever get it back. My mouth dropped open in shock. This was a couple who had been dreaming of coming here for years and now that they had finally arrived in this wildlife paradise they didn’t have a camera. After only a moment’s hesitation (what I do LOVE my cameras) I decided to offer my small powershot for them to use for the entire trip. Since the Galapagos is so remote there really isn’t a possibility to buy a new camera once you get here. You should have seen the joy that swept over their faces, if I could only bottle that feeling, catastrophe averted.


Now I can cross off another item on my Rogue Life List!


paul peggy zeus said...

That was sooooo very nice of you. I'm sure they more than appreciated it.

lilmansworld said...

wow that is very generous! Imagine all the photos you'd have to look thru with one more camera!

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