Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I installed a LinkWithin element seven months ago which is at the end of every post. The idea is to show posts similar to the post that you just read and I think I may use it more than anyone else.

Sometimes I click through the ‘you may also like’ buttons on my own blog and I sweep myself back through weeks or now years of posts. Little things that had slipped behind my veil of conscious thought, things that I have forgotten slightly, come sweeping back at the gentle reminder my posts capture.

For example, I just spent the past hour in Europe, on my trip with two of my best girlfriends. There were so many feelings and emotions that those posts swept me back too. This blog can keep those memories real, right there for me to go back to anytime when I need to escape or just a pick me up.

I will just call this the one millionth reasons why I adore my blog so much.


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