Friday, February 4, 2011

Ms. Dancer’s Wedding Shower: The Prep-work Part 1

Ms. Dancer and I decided to do an Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter tea party theme and everything was based around that central idea. We used antique china teacups and multiple teapots with various flavour hot teas, created fun names for some of the food to fit around the theme, set up the croquet set (the queen of hearts played croquet remember) and asked all the women to come in their favourite hat.

Ms. Dancer, her little sister and her mother arrived late this morning to get everything ready for the shower tomorrow. With four hands working we managed to get quite a bit done in the six hours that they were here. Of course there were minor issues. Seems that Mr. Rogue changed the gate lock, had new keys made and then managed to hide them from me; so when we were ready to move the tables from my greenhouse into my neighbour’s yard where we were having the shower we couldn’t get the gate open. My husband was super busy at work in a meeting so he didn’t get any of my frantic texts asking where he put the new key. In the end we couldn’t wait for his answer, since we couldn’t set-up anything up on the tables without the tables so we ended up working the table up and over the six foot cement block fence between our yards… FUN workout for my super sore camera broken arms!

Everything after that went rather well but sadly six hours was not enough time to get everything done. When they left at 5:00pm I was still left with things to complete on the list. I spent the remainder of the night working on the last little niggly bits like washing the china we were using and making the favours.



Once everything was done on the list I dropped exhausted into bed. Tomorrow will be another long day.


lilmansworld said...

geez looks lovely!

paul peggy zeus said...

A ton of work, showed off at the shower. Good job, Sweetheart.

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