Friday, January 21, 2011

Galapagos Islands: Getting to Quito Ecuador

We booked this Galapagos Island cruise last minute. Since Mr. Rogue has a crazy work schedule we didn’t know exactly when he was going to get his time off of work. Once we found out in early December I spent a few days researching and Mr. Rogue and I decided on the Celebrity Cruise. This trip was an all inclusive tour with flight, a stay and tour through Quito, Equator, a cruise through the Galapagos Islands with all alcohol and excursions included. Everything was five star and we were not surprised to find out that midway through our trip that the cruise we were on had won an award for best cruise vacation of the year from cruisecritic.com. Oh yea baby, our cruise was the bomb!!!

They handled everything from baggage to organizing extra excursions into the city and I literally can say we didn’t have to worry about one single thing. Pure bliss I tell you.

Quito was our first stop in the trips itinerary. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and the old town is one of the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. As Mr. Rogue and I traveled today we spent the good majority of the 12 hours wrapped into the few books I had purchased about Quito and Galapagos. Reading only made us more excited to finally reach our destination and I learned so much.


Flying into the city was incredible but of course I am a sucker for plane rides. I love the thrill of being on a plane on my way to a new and exciting destination. Like a kid I always try to get the window seat and Mr. Rogue is so good about indulging me.


As we dipped past the clouds the city of Quito slowly came into view from my window seat.


Quito is built snuggled into the mountains of Ecuador. In Los Angeles we are about 50 feet above sea level but in Quito they are 9895 feet above sea level.


Many of the 90 people in our group, including Mr. Rogue and I, got affected by altitude sickness. There were some cases where people couldn’t even get out of bed. Thankfully we experienced only a little dizziness and some mild shortness of breath but nothing super horrible.


Since the only way to get to the Galapagos Islands is a flight from Quito, which only occurs once a day, it is impossible for anyone to get to the islands in a single day. I thought segmenting the trip with a two night stay in Quito really helped to break up what could have been a horribly uncomfortable 26 hour traveling day and allowed us to see a little bit more of Ecuador than just the islands.


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looks like the city is jam packed with buildings!

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