Monday, January 31, 2011

Galapagos Islands: Coming Home

Too much of a good thing is never a bad idea in my opinion. Once we got back to the hotel the very friendly cruise staff was offering other little side trips. I got pulled into a brochure promising the magic and beauty of the cloud forest filled with millions of birds and offering to take us to a station with bird feeders for photographers. I was hoping to be able to squeeze it in today because we had a late flight going out of Quito back to Los Angeles but it didn’t happen. With a two hour drive to the cloud forest and a two hour drive back in order to leave just enough buffer time to grab our luggage we would have had to leave at 4:00am. That was doable but the fact that any number of things could have gone wrong therefore causing us to miss our flight was not appealing.

Instead Mr. Rogue and I decided to come back another time. We can visit the cloud forest for a few days and then visit Machu Picchu, another place on both our lists, in Peru. Mr. Rogue even made me a contract promising to come back. Of course because Mr. Rogue is an artist it is a drawn contract.


That is me; I am the one with the curly hair carrying the big lens, and Mr. Rogue; complete with a goatee and hat. It is a picture of us visiting the cloud forest. We are being showered with birds and as you can tell from the picture, I will be very happy to be there he says as he points out my smile. He promises that will be ‘Us in 2012’. I adore you Mr. Rogue and I appreciate all the smiles you give me for little funny things like this.


paul peggy zeus said...

Mr. Rogue, you are too cute! Better double check with the California laws, just in case it needs to be notarized. lol.

lilmansworld said...

that is a hilarious binding contract and is admissable in marriage court lol

lilmansworld said...

is that section 2 paragraph 6.8?

E Squared and Mui said...

Well, that was a great virtual trip ... I enjoyed the words and the photos, and am even more excited about our upcoming trip in July.

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