Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everything Hurts

I am in pain. With the two week adventure cruise to the Galapagos, to the traveling, to the seventeen store marathon shopping day (which is a ton of lifting and walking), to the moving the party stuff and setting up a shower, to the tearing down the shower and moving all the stuff back to where it goes, to the walking around the San Diego zoo all day with my big lens (why do I do this to myself), to the sleeping on the floor on a blow up mattress at my parents house, to spending seven hours in the car over the past two days ----- I AM EXAUSTED!

Today is a day for a bottle of wine and a good movie. My go to happy movie is ‘The Sound of Music’. There is just something about Julie Andrews singing her heart out like a crazy mental patient that washes all my troubles away and leaves me with a warm glow of happiness, or maybe those feelings just come from the excessive amounts of wine. Whichever I know with this combination I will be very happy by the end of the day.



lilmansworld said...

my grandmother knows the real maria, isn't that cool? i too heart that movie!

lilmansworld said...

also, you are living proof that you have confidence in sunshine with the ray of golden sun and you will climb every mountain in life. feel free to tell me to stop or I can keep going. lol

paul peggy zeus said...

That is a classic movie. LOVE IT. Happy you had a day of R & R.

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