Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ms. Dancer's Wedding Shower: 17 Million Stores

Ok it was not seventeen million but in order to get everything ready for Saturday I had to develop a game plan. Yesterday Ms. Dancer and I went through the last niggly bits of things we needed to work out. Check!

Today was shopping day, tomorrow was organization day and the next day was the shower. I had everything broken down on the spreadsheet, yes I used a spreadsheet because there was a lot to get and I was NOT going out again, there just was no time for that. So I narrowed it down to just 14 stores, I made my driving route and I was ready to concur.

I left at 9:30 in the morning and didn’t finish until 6:00 in the evening. The point is that I did get everything done. Of course there was a bit of an issue with getting the crocket set. Sports Authority didn’t carry them this early in the season. Plan B was Dicks sporting goods whom I called to make sure they did have them even though it was out of season. I was assured they did only to arrive to find out that they were out. I almost strangled that pimple faced teenager behind the counter. Instead I called Big 5 and made the poor girl get the set and keep it at the front desk for me so I could go pick it up. Other than the crocket set the only other major issue I had was getting the fake grass. YES we needed fake grass that we were using for tablecloths but it took forever to get a guy to cut it for me and then I had forgotten to measure the tables so I had to guess. Don’t worry I guessed right!

So other than adding a few extra stores things went pretty well. I am excited to be on the timeline, I got everything bought so I am ready for tomorrow and the next step.

I should have been born a general. I would have been very good at it I think.


lilmansworld said...

you could always be an event planner :)

paul peggy zeus said...

That would qualify for Shop til you Drop, don't you think??

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