Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Science of Packing

We are going to the Galapagos tomorrow and I am so super excited I am having a hard time wiping the smile off my face and that is a huge fete considering the mountain of things we are trying to accomplish today. With every trip there is of course a different way to pack but some trips are more difficult than others.

I am generally a ‘pack everything and the kitchen sink’ kind of girl. I didn’t want to be somewhere without options, and those options took a ton of space. I remember the first time Mr. Rogue and I went on vacation together. It was a week cruise to Mexico and I brought three bags. One was entirely filled with shoes and purses. He was astounded, appalled and a think a little scared.

Up until now the hardest trip to pack for was my Europe vacation where I had to pack everything for a 26 day trip across Europe in one carry-on bag
. YEA that was challenging to say the least. Thank goodness for Ms. Eden, she came over and helped me sort and she was friggin tyrannical in what I was allowed to bring… I needed that help. Thank you Ms. Eden!

Our Galapagos trip however has presented its own fun challenges. I say fun and I really mean AGGRAVATING!!!!!!

My husband and I are both photographers we have a ton of camera equipment, without the camera stuff we would be great with the luggage restrictions but we ARE photographers, we are going to a place that is said to have the best wildlife photography opportunities in the world and I will be damned if we are going to get there without something we need. Out of all our equipment we have decided to bring:

1. Both our camera bodies; the 50D and our new 7D
2. Four lenses; 17-40mm wide angle, 24-105mm L standard lens, 100-400mm L f5.6 mid-zoom lens and our 500mm L f4 prime lens
3. Our Camera bag, six batteries, 1-32gig card and 6-16gig cards
4. A small Canon powershot for city and questionable photography opportunities where I don’t like to risk my nice camera (like taking shots leaning over the side of the boat – I have seen others drench their expensive camera equipment trying this)
5. Two disposable waterproof cameras for snorkeling and water shots

We are allowed to check one 30lb bag and carry one 14lb bag each. The camera equipment and laptop we are taking weighs 46lbs and we have to carry on the laptop and all the camera equipment as it is delicate and expensive. See our dilemma. 14+14 does not equal anything close to 46lbs. ARGGGGGGG!

After reading a ton of forums, researching the carriers we are flying on and my own experience as a flight attendant years ago I am just going to assume that they are not going to weigh our carry-on bags and try to muscle through anyone who tries to make me check any of our equipment. If we run into huge issues then we will have to check the big 500mm lens (which is 21lbs of our carryon weight). I have read that people check their big lens as long as it is in the heavy duty case that it came in so I am ok checking it, I would rather not though.

That left 30 lbs each to pack for clothes which wasn’t a lot of space. After hours of moving around piles of clothes and weighing and re-weighing the bags we finally got them to into two 30lb bags. I packed mostly hiking gear since this is an adventure cruise and not a froo-froo fany dress up cruise. I also only brought two pair of shoes, GASP, I know. One pair of hiking boots and one pair of flip flops.

Mr. Rogue is so proud! Be back in 12 days with our adventures and hopefully some amazing photos!


Danielle said...

I'm so jealous! Have fun!

paul peggy zeus said...

I miss you! Are you back yet? Can;t wait to hear all about your latest adventure.

lilmansworld said...

all planes should be double deckers just for packing purposes.

E Squared and Mui said...

Thanks for mentioning your camera gear and what you took .... I can most definitely empathize with the packing dilemma. We're going in July. I plan to take my 50D and 7D, and my 17-85 mm and 100-400 lenses; still debating taking my 10-24 and 70-200 lenses, but I can't see carrying them all on the hikes. Oh and my G12 serves as the take everywhere camera. I'm going to read through your posts to see if you mention which of your lenses got the most use during your trip; and I'm looking forward to seeing any photos you might have posted in the blog.

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