Friday, January 14, 2011

Rogue Life List: #82. Give Blood

This has been on my Rogue Life List for a long time but I have been leery of doing it for a million silly reasons. I don’t like blood, I don’t like needles, I don’t like doctors or hospitals… oh and there was that whole I may faint thing that was a tiny bit scary. But I do know about the statistics; that only 3% of the population will ever donate blood, that blood banks are constantly short, that one donation of a pint of blood (which is the standard amount they take with each donation) can save three lives and that California is ALWAYS getting blood from other states because they never get enough donations.

So since I decided that this year I was going to focus on charitable works and since this has been on my list forever I decided to finally get my scaredy cat butt to my local Red Cross and donate. I figured that if I fainted or had a horrible reaction I could call Mr. Rogue to rescue me and that I would survive. I also promised myself that if it was too terrible I would never have to go back again. So a few days ago I took a deep breath, looked up the number and made an appointment.

I walked into the office this morning, filled out the massive amount of paperwork, read all their literature and dreaded the donation chairs where various people were lounging giving blood. Despite my fear of nurses these nurses were awesome. I have deep veins and I have had a ton of negative experiences with nurses digging around 4-7 times trying to get my vain… the nurse I had was amazing. She actually closed her eyes, she said she sees the vein better that way, I personally thought she was crazy until the needle pricked. She got my vein in the first try HURAH I am now a believer of the ‘nurse closes her eyes to feel the vein method’!

I am proud to announce that I didn’t faint as I had feared and all in all although I won’t list it as my favorite thing to do in the world it also wasn’t as horrible as I imagined. Now that the mystery has been pulled away and I know that I will live I hope that I will become a regular donor.



Jessica said...

YAY!!!!! Soooo proud of you!

Danielle said...

I donated blood once, when I was about 22.
Thank you so much for all of your positive comments on my blog and all of your support.

paul peggy zeus said...

That's my Big girl! I know from experience how low some of the blood banks are. It's very sad, so good job on helping others.

lilmansworld said...

how long does that take? how did you feel afterwards?

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