Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Phriday: Stone Sculpture

Last week I was in the car with my parents when my mom cried excitedly from the back seat to pull over the car. To my father’s dismay my mother and I do this often, we see something cool from the window as we wiz by on the way somewhere and we just have to stop to take a few photos. It drives my father crazy but usually he will humor us, that is if he is in the mood to humor us, sometimes he just needs to get where he is going.

So my dad pulls over to the side of the road and my mother and I jump out to take photos of the amazing rock sculptures. This man is a GENIOUS with stone. The things he creates are so beautiful and we had a blast snapping away. Someday I would love for one of these to grace my backyard but how do you just choose one! Hope you enjoy.







Jessica said...

Sometimes I wish your blog had a "like" button. Just for those days where I don't really have the time to write, but want you to know I enjoyed the post!! These are beautiful! Take me with you if you end up buying one!

paul peggy zeus said...

I love what you did to the egg shot. Very cool crop job.

lilmansworld said...

Rock on!

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