Monday, January 17, 2011

Makes Me Fall in Love with Being Alive

I am an artist. I love photography, art and music. Music that I like however takes some digging and I don’t necessarily like being shoveled music through the radio. Don’t get me wrong there are some really great songs on the radio but when I am looking for songs that speak to me I go digging around on the web for things that I love and not things that corporate music thinks I should like.

Pandora is one of my favorite’s places for music. Type in a song that you love and the site will play songs that are like it. I have found so many songs that are incredible, songs that I adore through Pandora.

You Tube also has some great upcoming singers recording. The problem however clicking around in you tube is that there are also some really HORRIBLE singers. Occasionally I will come across a GEM of a singer and I will get incredibly excited, like finding a lost love, those times however are few and far between. I still keep looking.

Yesterday I was poking around you tube and wanted to share some of my finds that I haven’t been able to stop listening to. In case you are like me and might be digging as well. Hope you enjoy.

This song, Night Bus by Lucy Rose, she sounds like an angel and her honey voice dances through the whole song beautifully.

The best ones in my opinion are acoustic. Especially like Lissie, put a girl on the street with a guitar and have her sing, if she sounds incredible then it is a golden find. I know Lissie is getting big and some of you may have heard her song however the streamlined recorded song has drum beats and synthesized her voice. To me this version is far superior.

This one, Absynthe Minded by Envoi is a band from Belgium and they are like a tiny jewel. I love it more and more I listen to it.

My favorites find of the day however is Wild Thing by Misty Miller. There are certain songs that make me fall in love with being alive… this is one of them. I have been playing it over and over again! She is fabulous and only 16.

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