Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Africa

Yesterday we visited San Diego Wild Park, a park originally created as a breeding facility for African animals that need a ton of room to roam. I had been there many times before but this was Mr. Rogues first time and he loved it. Mr. Rogue was born in South Africa, Pretoria, to be exact and he jumped up and down like a little kid when we saw this stamped on the side of a crate at the zoo.


The park boasts large open grasslands for the various animals the zoo is breeding. Mr. Rogue remembers little of where he was born, they moved back to the states when he was 4, but he does remember some things like the wide open spaces and the giraffes.


When we stopped for a quick snack in the afternoon I fell in love with this tiny giraffe molded out of one solid coke can.


It was delicately whimsical and although I have no idea where it will eventually live in our home I had to have it. As we were checking out I saw a tiny sticker… made in South Africa, look it was meant to come home with us!


Now we have a small piece of Africa in our home until Mr. Rogue and I can get there (we are trying to plan a trip with Mr. Rogue’s parents in the next few years).


paul peggy zeus said...

It's so cool that you married an African American. We love him!!

lilmansworld said...

omg peggy that was hilarious! i literally cannot type. I too didn't know that about mr rogue. did you ask if the giraffe was made in a diet coke with splenda version?

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