Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Expectations

Mrs. Rambo’s, my neighbor needed a helping hand. Her daycare for her four month old little girl is closed until Wednesday so I offered to watch Baby Rambo today and tomorrow. This will be the first time watching the baby and I was a bit nervous. Not because I am not used to babies, I actually have quite a bit experience, but because Baby Rambo has been labeled a ‘difficult’ child. Some babies are easy, some are hard and Baby Rambo, well let’s just say she is a unique work in progress – did I mention this little angel got kicked out of daycare. One point for Baby Rambo, she is her father’s child!

As she gets older she is getting better, her cues are becoming clearer and the Rambo’s have her on a pretty good schedule of naps, feedings and playtimes. I went over this morning feeling optimistic about how our day would go but expecting the worst. I was hoping for sunshine and moonbeams but expecting screaming and mayhem.


Much to my surprise we had a perfect day. No screaming, no tears, and very little fussing – I ended up with a day of smiles and fist chewing.


What an angel to be such a good girl with her tita.


Please ignore the fact that I have no makeup on and that I hardly slept last night and focus instead on how gorgeous Baby Rambo's eyes are... yes we are all jealous!


paul peggy zeus said...

I do adore those big blue eyes of hers and am happy she was so good for you.

lilmansworld said...

Oh she is so pretty!

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