Friday, December 17, 2010

Youth Journeying to Knowledge

When I was younger I frolicked in an unreality… the world was mine and I lived with rainbows and moonbeams scattered throughout my days and nights. When I was young I didn’t want to hear or see the truth, rather I was content with a flowery, prettier version of reality. I would occasionally let my opinion be molded by my peers, I would let things slide as long as they didn’t affect me too much, and I would be way more tolerant of people when I was my younger self. As I get older the truth becomes more and more important and surrounding myself with people that I admire, that are brave and empowered has become vital.

In my youth I believed in black and white, I was sure of a clear definition of right and wrong and was willing to cast the first stone. Now as I gain more years I have learned that rarely are things ever black and white but rather a myriad of indistinguishable greys… nothing is for sure, nothing is absolute. I never want to throw a stone again.

Decisions when I was young were easy… path A or path B didn’t really matter because I had time and energy to backtrack and take the other path. As I get older decisions take more time, they need to be weighted for their pros and cons and more often than not they need to be discussed and decided together with my husband. Those carefree days of shooting from the hip and think later are long gone.

As I work toward what I want in my life I find myself more often than not striving for balance and what I am finding is that balance is a very finicky hard thing to master.

Truth… Grey’s… Difficult Decisions… Balance… things I now wrote down and put on my bathroom mirror so I can wake up to these words and go to sleep to them. Change is coming all the time.


paul peggy zeus said...

Change is probably the one thing that you can always count on.

lilmansworld said...

It is ridic hard to place your life in someone else's Hand's. I struggle every day with His plan. Even right now, Im not fully vested but I love your pure, pure honesty. Go FAM!

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